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Wacom Cintiq - Tableta de dibujo con pantalla M

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Tamaño: M  |  Estilo: Individual

Wacom Cintiq large is a creative pen display that helps you bring your ideas to life on screen. Perfect for those who love to draw in their spare time, or art/design students seeking a Premium on-screen experience. This high resolution (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare Display comes with the super-responsive Wacom Pro Pen 2, giving you the precision and control you desire. Its 8, 192 levels of pressure sensitivity and low activation Force recognizes even the lightest pen strokes, and with reduced parallax, your cursor appears exactly where you would expect. Built of durable, scratch resistant materials, Wacom Cintiq large attaches easily to your Mac or PC with HDMI and USB cables and offers a truly natural experience to help take your creative ideas to the next level.

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