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dreamgrip Enhanced ligero trípode universal lwt-138er-41

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Super Lightweight Video Tripod DREAMGRIP 136EX-41 Universal Set With Original Track Connector for Mounting Evolution Series Rigs, Compatible for Any Smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, etc.), and Any Action, or DSLR, or Mirrorless Cameras (up to 3.5lbs/1.5kg weight). As all DREMGRIP products are, LWT-136EX-41 model is universally compatible with any DSLR or compact/action cameras, but first of all meets the major phoneographers requirements. It is very lightweight - slightly over 600gr that is about two times heavier than your phone. It is made of high grade Aluminum to be compact, lightweight, and easy to pack and carry to have it outdoor or to take for a trip. And yet it is durable and supports gears mounted up to 2,5kg weight. It means a Rig with a phone and any extra equipment can be mounted on it all together with a tablet as a monitor or teleprompter. And it is a true photo/video tripod because it features the handle for 3D camera motion, which a simple photo tripod does not have. All tripods come with original Track Nut for the best and secure connection to any of DREAMGRIP Rigs, and original shoulder nylon travel carrying bag. Every Box Contains: EXTENDED SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT TRIPOD, DREAMGRIP TRACK CONNECTOR, Special TRAVEL CARRYING POUCH

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